Our Wedding: Saturday 1st September 2018

Only a few months late on this announcement...

On Saturday 1st September 2018 I got married.
I never thought I'd actually get married as I wasn't sure I was the marrying type, in fact, whilst I was at university I was very anti-marriage and almost wrote my dissertation on the topic. But that was before I met Jamie, he's definitely a keeper and I can't imagine life without him now - I also can't really remember life before him either as we've been together for almost seven years now.

Anyway, onto the wedding details.

Venue: Brampton Heath Golf Centre in Church Brampton, Northamptonshire
Dress: Honeypie Boutique 
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Suit: Skopes

I was keen not to be a bridezilla when it came to wedding planning, and I think I achieved that goal. There were a few tears along the way and a bit of moan to the venue when we were given the wrong information, but in general I was quite relaxed throughout the whole process. I really wanted the wedding to have a handmade feel and be colourful and fun for everyone to enjoy. I did not want a hessian/jam jar/foliage wedding - that I was adamant about. So the general theme became colourful pom poms.

I made all of the stationery myself which took a long time but I didn't see the point in spending money on something I could easily do myself. I taught myself calligraphy for the Save the Dates and then got clever by the time I made the invites and just printed them all using pretty fonts. I also made all the signage and stationery for the actual wedding day itself. I used a lot of colourful watercolour backgrounds to add pops of colour throughout.

For our tables I was keen to have interactive centrepieces as I'd been to so many weddings where there were huge floral arrangements which blocked the view of the other people at the table. I wanted the guests at my wedding to communicate and have fun whilst the food was served. So, we had bowls of Lego in the middle of each table and had a competition for the best the creation. Everyone got very competitive but it was so nice to see them all working away on their inventions. Jamie and I sat at a sweetheart table which was one of the best decisions we made, it gave us some solid time together on our wedding day to reflect on the occasion.

I loved planning my wedding. I also loved making all of the decorations and convincing other people that my ideas would work out in the end. People always need convincing of that...

Time for the cliche, it really was the best day of my life. It was stressful, especially in the morning when the hairdresser was late to do our hair and then the bridesmaids car left without them and they had to drive themselves but all of that was forgotten once we were married. I had such a fun day and so did everyone else (I think! I didn't notice if they weren't enjoying it anyway). I got ridiculously drunk and spent the whole night dancing to all of my favourite songs with my husband, and moaning when the DJ played songs which weren't on the officially approved playlist. I spilled copious amounts of Sambuca down my dress when doing shots with everyone, hello 19 shots and no hangover. Still got it.

Best day ever. Here are some more snaps of the day.

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